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How much?

And other answers to your questions.

How much does it cost?

That's the question on everyone's mind, and there are two parts to the answer.

First, there will be a one-time design fee that depends on what kind of website you're building, and how big it is. We don't charge by the hour, but we do charge more for bigger or more complicated projects. An average small business website may cost around $900-$1100, but your project could be more or less. So, the best thing to do is contact us, discuss your needs and ideas, and we'll give you an estimate. Give us a little more time to mull it over and we can provide you with a proposal and a firm quote.

Second, we charge a monthly fee for website hosting and management services. Again, this fee varies based on factors like project size, future expansion plans, and how much we need to be involved. We offer this because we think websites should grow and evolve. We don't want to hand you a website that may need an overhaul in several years, leaving you stuck with another hefty web design bill. An average small business might pay around $75-$90 per month (which includes hosting and domain name registration), but your project might be a little more or less. Contact us, we'll discuss your project, and we can nail down a monthly service plan.


What is a 'responsive' website?

Several years ago a revolution took place in the website design world. Since so many phones, tablets, and other devices were accessing the web, some designers began making multiple websites to feed content to these various screens. But, a few forward-thinking designers had a better idea: why not design a website that looks great on any screen? That's how responsive website design was born. And that's the design method we employ at Cold River Web. Every website is crafted to shrink, expand, twist, and rearrange so that the same page looks great whether it is viewed on a large computer screen or tiny phone. You can resize your browser window to see how this works on our website, and make it way skinny to get an idea about what it would look like on a phone. We believe this is the only way to design websites because small-format devices will continue to inundate the market (they already out-sell larger laptops and computers). And this is how we will design your website.


Why should websites be 'simple'?

This is an easy question to answer: because nobody likes complicated. When customers and potential-customers arrive at your website they have very little patience. There are millions of other websites they could be browsing, and if yours is too crowded, difficult, confusing, or ugly, they will go somewhere else. Simple also keeps people from having to wait. Although internet speeds have certainly increased greatly over the last several years, people will still notice if your site loads slow (especially if they view it on a mobile device using a data plan). So, we believe websites, especially home pages, should be uncluttered, be quick to load, and be user-friendly. Customers should be able to quickly and easily find what they're looking for. We take special care to make sure they can.


Do you help out churches?

Yes. We have a special interest in designing websites for churches, ministries, camps, and other Christian organizations, and we would love to help you out with affordable pricing, and ministry-centric features, such as sermon archives, member directories, event registration, and more. Visit Cold River Web Design for Churches for pricing and more information.


How does this work?

So, you are nearly ready to partner with Cold River Web Design for your project, but you need a little more clarity about what happens next? The first step is to contact us. Tell us about your project ideas, goals, and needs. Tell us about your business, who you serve, and what you do best. Tell us about yourself, your personality, your passions. We might send you a design survey to get more feedback from you if needed. Then we'll get to work on a proposal. This will include an image mock-up of the website to give you a feel for the colors, design, and layout, as well as a proposed outline of your website with all the pages we'll need to construct. It will also include a one-time design fee quote with a breakdown of the work and costs involved, as well as a quote for a monthly service plan (which includes hosting and domain registration). Next you will examine the design, make note of any changes you'd like to see, or any new ideas you might have, and you'll pass those notes and feedback on to us. We'll take them and run with them into the coding process where your website comes to life. Once the site has some structure and a little content we will post it at your new domain (or recycled domain if you already have one) so you can watch the progress as your website takes shape. During this time you'll be getting content together for us: pictures, articles, biographical information, and whatever else will go on your website. Content is extremely important, so you'll take your time and think it through. Once the website structure is coded, and your content is included, we'll go fully live with the site by submitting it to search engines while you email and Facebook it like crazy to all your friends, relatives, and customers. Then we'll have fun for many years to come as we tweak, re-design, add to, take away, and mold your website to fit your business needs.


Who are you, really?

Cold River Web Design is a husband and wife team also know as, Clint and Sara Howard. Clint does all the techy and design stuff, and Sara helps with the books, finding clients, proofing, testing, and all the mundane fun stuff. We have two girls who can't stop talking, and who will often choose books over toys. We love going on dates, playing soccer (Clint), making crafty stuff (Sara), fishing, and eating Mexican food. We can't get enough Mexican food. We are Christians who try to live it, often fail, but stand on the grace of God. Now we'd like to get to know you.